Thursday, January 29, 2009


Beluga SkysailsThe Beluga Skysails (IMO: 9399129, Port of Registry: Hamburg, Germany) is quite a remarkable ship with her giant computer-controlled kite of 160 square metres. The kite, designed by the German based Skysails GmbH, should reduce fuel consumption by 20%. This kite is connected to the ship by a rope, and controlled by an automatic pod to maximize the wind benefits. The kite functions at an altitude between 100 metres and 500 metres. By using this system it is possible to improve the speed of the ship and reduce fuel consumption. SkySails calculates that the use of its technology worldwide could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 146 million tons (about 0.6% of the entire global energy-related emissions of CO2). SkySails estimates the potential upgrade market for its system at more than 40,000 ships (source: Wikipedia). The Beluga Skysails is 132 metres long, 16 metres wide and can achieve a maximum speed of 15.5 knots. She is operated by Beluga Fleet Management, Bremen and owned by Beluga Shipping GmbH. She made her maiden voyage on January 22, 2008 from Bremen to Venezuela.

The Beluga Skysails is scheduled to arrive this evening at the EBS Laurenshaven terminal from Richards Bay, South Africa.

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