Tuesday, February 28, 2012


CSCL Long BeachToday we have containership CSCL Long Beach (IMO: 9314258, Port of Registry: Hong Kong) featuring as the Ship of the Day. This ship is a 336 metres long, 46 metres wide containervessel with a deadweight tonnage of 111,700. The vessel has a teu capacity of 9,580 and 700 reefers and is propelled by a 93,120 BHP MAN B&W engine, which gives the vessel a maximum speed of 24.7 kts. The CSCL Long Beach was built in 2007 by Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea. She is operated by Seaspan ship management, Hong Kong.

The CSCL Long Beach is expected to arrive later tonight at the ECT Delta terminal from Hamburg.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


CMA CGM Corte RealToday's Ship of the Day is the CMA CGM Corte Real (IMO: 9454400, Port of Registry: London). The Corte Real is currently one of the largests vessels in CMA CGM's fleet with a maximum teu capacity of 13,344. The vessel is 365 meters long and 51 meters wide. She was built in 2010 by Daewoo Heavy Industries, Korea. The vessel's design is comparable to the recently built MSC vessels (such as: MSC Beatrice) with the superstructure located midships. One can argue about the looks of this vessel, however the design ensures for better stability and lower trim for higher speed, when the ship is fully loaded. In compliance with CMA CGM’s environmental policy and like all new vessels of this type ordered by the Group, the CMA CGM Corte Real is equipped with a combination of innovative environmental features, including:

- An electronically controlled engine, reducing oil and fuel consumption thus enabling the vessel to be operated at eco-speed,
- Double-hull protected bunker tanks, in compliance with the MARPOL 12A regulation which will come into effect in August 2010
- The Fast Oil Recovery System, which enables bunkers to be rapidly recovered at any time, hence significantly limiting the environmental consequences should there be an incident at sea.

The Corte Real will have seven sisterships, amongst which are the CMA CGM Christoph Colomb and CMA CGM Amerigo Vespucci which have also been recently delivered. She is deployed in CMA CGM's FAL5 loop connecting China and North-Western Europe.

The CMA CGM Corte Real arrived this afternoon at the APM Terminal, Rotterdam with the last port of call at Le Havre.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Cosco AsiaToday we have the containership Cosco Asia (IMO: 9345403, Port of Registry: Panama) featuring as the Ship of the Day. The Cosco Asia is a 349 metres long, 45 metres wide ship with a maximum teu capacity of 10,000 and a deadweight tonnage of 110,000. She was christened on July 26, 2007 in South Korea and made her maiden voyage on August 9, 2007 from China to Europe. The vessel was the first of six identical ships being built for COSCO by Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard. Her sister vessels are: Cosco Europe, Cosco Africa, Cosco America, Cosco Oceania and Cosco Pacific. The vessel realizes a high-level of automation and is very environmentally friendly. It was classed by Lloyd's Register to stringent environmental standards, reflecting COSCO's commitment to its UN Global Compact responsibilities.

The Cosco Asia arrived last night at the Euromax terminal, Rotterdam with the last port of call at Hamburg.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Noble Globetrotter IThe Noble Globetrotter I (IMO: 9540845, Port of Registry: Monrovia, Liberia) is a drillship of 189 meters long and 32 meters wide. She is equipped with a Huisman's multi-purpose tower design with a drilling side and a pipe assembly side. The drill floor is located only 5 meters above main deck. This reduces sideways motions at the drill floor and considerably lowers the centre of gravity of the drilling equipment. The Globetrotter I is capable of drilling to a depth of 12,192 m and features a DP-3 station-keeping ability, 18,000 tons of variable deck load, and quarters for 180 personnel. She was built at STX Dalian Shipbuilding in 2011 and is owned by Noble Drilling U.S.

The Noble Globetrotter I arrived this morning at the Beneluxhaven, Europoort. She will stay in port for about two days.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Normand CutterToday we have the Normand Cutter (IMO: 9231535, flag: Isle of Man) featuring as the Ship of the Day. The Normand Cutter is a DP Class II Subsea Construction Vessel purpose built for today’s market place, owned by Solstad Offshore ASA. She was built in 2001 by Maritim Ltd, Gdansk, Poland and converted from a cable laying and repair vessel to its current form in 2001 by Ulstein Verft AS, Norway.
The vessel is equipped with a number of features for a wide range of offshore operations like:
  • Laying of flexible pipes
  • Lay rate of up to 1000 m/hr.
  • Heavy lift crane 300 t for sub-sea installation and construction work
  • Large deck for offshore construction operations
  • Three permanent locations and two temporary locations for work ROVs and control vans
  • Operation in both shallow and deep water
  • Range 6000 n.m. at service speed
  • Continuous operation at sea for 40 days

The vessel is 127 metres long, 27 metres wide, has a helicopter deck dimensioned for the Super Puma AS 332 L2 and provides accomodation for a total of 114 persons. She is equipped with all the latest manoeuvering and communication devices for an accurate positioning.

The Normand Cutter arrived this morning at the Wilhelminahaven, Rotterdam from Abidjan.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The CSCL Mars (IMO: 9467287, Port of Registry: Hong Kong) is the fourth of eight container carriers of its kind ordered by CSCL. The vessel is 366 meters long, 51 meters wide and has a teu capacity of 14,000. She was delivered in october 2011 by Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries, Korea and is propelled by a 72,000 KW HSD Engine. She is deployed on China Shipping's AEX-7 loop connecting Asia and Europe. Some of the Mars's sisters are: CSCL Star, CSCL Jupiter and CSCL Venus.

The CSCL Mars is scheduled to arrive this afternoon at the Port of Rotterdam from Le Havre. She will take berth at the ECT Delta Terminal.
Source: Shipspotting.com
Copyright: Osvaldo Morales Cáceres

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Friday, February 10, 2012


The CMA CGM Aquila (IMO: 9410741, Port of Registry: London) is a 364 meter long, 45 meters wide containership with a deadweight of 128,000 tons and a maximum TEU capacity of 11,400. She was built in 2009 at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea and is propelled by a HHI MAN B&W 12K98 MC-C Mk 7 engine delivering the vessel a maximum speed of 24.7 knots. The CMA CGM Aquila is deployed on CMA CGM's FAL service between the Far East and Northern Europe.

The CMA CGM Aquila arrive at the ECT Delta terminal, Rotterdam this morning from Zeebrugge.

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CMA CGM Aquila

Source: www.shipspotting.com
Copyright: Eckhard Uhrbrock

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Condock IIToday we have heavy load ship Condock II (IMO: 8500599, Port of Registry: Hamburg) featuring as the Ship of the Day. The Condock II was built in 1986 as the Gruz at IJsselwerf shipyard, The Netherlands. She was acquired by Condock Befrachtungsgesellschaft GMBH in 2008. This type of vessels is primarily equipped for the world-wide shipment and transportation of floating units as well as oversized and heavy ro-ro cargoes with a maximum unit weight of 2.000 t and heavy-lift cargoes of up to 400 t. The vessel is 104 meters long (deck length 85 meters) and 20 meters wide. The Condock II is equipped with two Huisman cranes with a SWL up to max 400 mt and a 15 meter wide ramp at the stern of the ship. She is propelled by two Wärtsilä engines delivering 1,500 kW of power.

The Condock II arrived this morning at the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.

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Friday, February 03, 2012


FjellThe Fjell (IMO: 8766296, Port of Registry: Rotterdam) is a semi-submersible heavy transport vessel built in 2000 at Jiangsu Jinling Shipyard, China as the Boabarge 20. She was converted into her current form in 2008/2009 for her current owner Fairstar Heavy Transport. The vessel is 147 meters long and 36 meters wide with a summer draught of 6.4 meters. She has a deckspace of 119.80 x 36.00 metres and can be submerged 10 meters above deck. The Fjell is propelled by a Wärtsilä 8L32B3 engine delivering 3,840 kW giving the vessel a transit speed of 12.5 knots. The vessel is equipped with 4 generators, powering the electrical equipment during submerging and in port. She is equipped with two azimuthing thrusters of 4,500 kW and a bow thruster of 1,500 kW. The ballast system is remotely operated from the Bridge or the Engine Control Room. The total ballast pump capacity is 7,400 m3/hr.

The Fjell arrived this morning at Keppel Verolme Shipyard carrying drilling ship Energy Exerter.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The Maersk Essen (IMO: 9456783, Port of Registry: Majuro, Marshall Islands) is Maersk's answer to the new breed of containervessels, introduced by MSC, with the superstructure midships. The Maersk Essen was the first of nine newbuildings in this class, amongst which are the Maersk Edinburgh, Maersk Edmonton and Maersk Eindhoven. The vessel is 366 meters long and 48 meters wide and has a deadweight of 141,000 tonnes. She has a maximum capacity of 13,092 teu and is propelled by a Hyundai-Wärtsilä 12RT-flex 96C engine delivering a maximum power of 68,640 kW. The vessels are deployed in Maersk's AE-7 and AE-8 loop where they will replace the VLCS ships. The vessels are crucial in Maersk's strategy to maintain and expand market share. Rumours are that Maersk is also considering 18,000 teu vessels to be built in the following years.

The Maersk Essen arrived last night at the APM Terminal, Rotterdam from Le Havre.
Maersk Essen
Source: Shipspotting.com
Copyright: Jens Boldt

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