Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Orange StarJuice tanker Orange Star (IMO: 9564384, Port of Registry: Monrovia, Liberia) is 190 meters long and 32 meters wide, has a deadweight tonnage of 37,000 and a payload of 32,000 m3 with 12 juice tanks of 2000 m3 and 2 tanks of 4000 m3. She is the replacement vessel for the previous Orange Star which was in service from 1975 to 2010 and visited the port of Rotterdam many times. The MAN B&W 6S50 MC-C7 main engine, made by Brodosplit Diesel Engines Factory Ltd gives the vessel an operating speed of 15 knots. She was delivered in 2010 from Brodosplit Shipyard, Croatia for her owner Atlanship S.A., Switzerland.

The Orange Star is scheduled to arrive later this afternoon at the Continental Juice terminal, Rotterdam.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


The EDT Protea (IMO: 9019107, Port of Registry: Limassol, Cyprus) is a dynamically positioned diving support vessel, fully equipped to perform subsea construction activities, as well as to support inspection-, repair- and maintenance contracts for offshore and subsea structures. The vessel is fitted with a dedicated surface demand diving system and an inspection class ROV system. The systems set-up is optimized for working in the specific outhern North Sea conditions with high (bottom) currents and low visibility. The vessel is owned by Navibay shipping, and operated by EDT Offshore ltd. She is 91 metres long, 15 metres wide and has a gross tonnage of 3,746 and provides accomodation to a crew of 88 persons. She was built in 1991 by Flekkefjord Slip, Norway and converted to her current form in 2006 by Naval Shipyard, Poland.

The EDT Protea arrived last night at the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


ThialfThe Thialf (IMO: 8757740, Port of Registry: Panama) is the largest deepwater construction vessel (DCV) in the fleet of owner Heerema Marine Contractors (also operating crane vessel Hermod), and is capable of a tandem lift of 14,200 t (15,600 short tons). The dual cranes provide for depth reach lowering capability as well as heavy lift capacity to set topsides. The cranes can reach a lifting height of 95 meters above workdeck. This multi-functional dynamic positioned DCV is tailored for the installation of foundations, moorings, SPARs, TLPs and integrated topsides, as well as pipelines and flowlines. The vessel has an overall length of 200 meters and is 89 meters wide. She provides accomodation to a crew of 736 and is equipped with a helicopter deck suitable for a Boeing Chinook 234. The Thialf has six 5,500 kW - 360 degrees azimuth thruster, provicding a total thrust of 400 tonnes. She has a transit speed of 7 knots accompanied by one tug.

The Thialf is expected to arrive later tonight at the Calandkanaal on the high tide, towed by the tugs Kolga and President Hubert. She is currently located at deepwater anchorage.

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Friday, April 04, 2014


Zhen Hua 29The Zhen Hua 29 (IMO: 8700498, Port of Registry: Hong Kong) ia a 245 meters long, 42 meters wide semi-submersible heavy load vessel, designed for transporting oversized and ultra heavy floating and non-floating cargoes such as jack-up rigs, modules, cranes, port construction/port development cargoes and dredging equipments. The vessel was built in 1987 as a tanker and was converted to her current form in 2009. The Zhen Hua 29 is operated by ALP Marine Services, Netherlands, a company formed in 2010 by former staff members of Dutch heavylift specialist Fairmount Marine. ALP is marketing Zhen Hua 29, Zhen Hua 15, Zhen Hua 22 and Zhen Hua 28 for China’s Shanghai Zhen Hua Shipping Company, which had the ships modified for heavylift work in 2008-9. She is propelled by a 9,709 KW MAN B&W 6S60MC engine.

The Zhen Hua 29 will arrive this morning at buoy 81 at the Calandkanaal loaded with newbuildings for Damen shipyards which were loaded onto the vessel in China at the end of January.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014


Blue MarlingThe Blue Marlin (IMO: 9186338, Port of Registry: Willemstad, Dutch Antilles) is a semi-submersible heavy transport vessel managed by Dockwise Shipping and built in 2000 by China Shipbuilding. She was designed to transport very large semi-submersible drilling rigs. The vessel is equipped with 38 cabins to accomodate 60 people, a workout room, sauna and swimming facilities, has a deadweight capacity of 76,000 tons and an unobstructed deck area of 11,227 m2 (63 m x 178,2 m). The vessel has a maximum speed of 13.3 kts in ballast condition, which is capable due to the three Wartsila diesels which deliver a capacity of 3850 kW each. For better manoeuvring with heavy cargo and in rough weather conditions the Blue Marlin is equipped with two retractable Azimuth thrusters of 4500 kW.

The Blue Marlin will arrive this morning at the Elbehaven, Rotterdam with the last port of call at Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

Click here for the current position of the Blue Marlin

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