Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After the exceptional arrival of the SS Rotterdam yesterday, we have a normal Ship of the Day today. The CMA CGM Medea (IMO: 9299800, Port of Registry: Marseille) is an in 2006, by Hyundai Heavy Industries built, Post-Panamax container vessel, capable of transporting up to 9,400 teu. She is 349 metres long, almost 43 metres wide, has a maximum draught of about 15 metres and a deadweight tonnage of 107,000. The CMA CGM Medea also provides passenger accomodation with five passenger cabins. On board, guests can book a single or double room and enjoy the ship’s amenities including a lounge, gymnasium, pool and library along with meals at the captain’s table. Travelers seeking an uncommon cruise adventure between Asia and Europe need look no further. The CMA CGM Medea is the fourth of eight super mega container vessels deployed in the new European (FAL2) service jointly operated by CMA CGM and China Shipping. Her sisters are: CMA CGM Fidelio, Rigoletto and Norma.

The CMA CGM Medea has entered the Port of Rotterdam this morning where she is berthed at the ECT Delta Terminal. She will depart tomorrow with destination Hamburg.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Emma MaerskThe Emma Maersk is the largest containership of all times with a total teu capacity 11,000 teu (of which 1,000 forty foot reefer containers) according to the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group . Rumours are that a total capacity of 13,500 teu is also possible. This capacity is possible by stacking the containers in 22 rows wide. The vessel is 397 meters long, 56 meters wide, has a depth of 30 meters and a deadweigth of 156,907 tons. The specially designed Wärtsilä diesel engine delivers 80,000 kW. A waste heat recovery system is installed to optimise the use of the energy produced, so that the engine can deliver up to 90,000 kW. The ship was built this year by Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. The Emma's sister vessels are (amongst others): Estelle Maersk and Eleonora Maersk.

The Emma Maersk will arrive at the APM terminal, Rotterdam from Algeciras later this day. The vessel will then set sail for Bremerhaven on the APM AE1 line. She will return within about two months to Rotterdam.

Friday, September 26, 2008


HermodThe Hermod (IMO: 7710214, Port of Registry: Panama) is a 154 metres long, 86 metres wide, 42 metres high crane vessel capable of a tandem lift of 8,100 tons up to 39 metres in tandem. The vessel was built in 1978 and is owned by Heerema Marine Netherlands. The main hoist lifting height is 92 m above work deck. She has a gross tonnage of 73877, provides accomodation for 336 persons, has a helicopter deck which is suitable for a Sikorsky 61-N and is propelled by two electrically driven, controllable pitch propellers of 4,400 kW each aft and two electrically driven, retractable, controllable pitch thruster of 1,470 kW each forward. Power supply by seven diesel driven main generators of 2,765 kW each. The vessel has static and dynamic ballast systems both fully computer controlled. Ballast pump capacity 8,000 cubic meter/hour. Dynamic ballast water handling 500 t/sec.

The Hermod will arrive this evening at the Calandkanaal, Rotterdam accompanied by the tug Retriever.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Alexander Carl
The Alexander Carl (IMO: 9039169, Port of Registry: Pusan, Korea) is an in 1993 built bulk carrier owned by Keoyang Shipping Co., Korea and managed by Hanjin Ship Management. The vessel is 311 metres long, 50 metres wide, has a maximum draught of 18 metres and a deadweight tonnage of 208,000. She was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding, Korea. The Alexander Carl is deployed in worldwide triangular services for the transportation of iron ore and coal under long-term contracts with POSCO, the world's largest steel mill and Australian mining companies.

The Alexander Carl arrived this morning at the EECV terminal, Rotterdam with a load of iron ore from Port Walcott, Australia.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


CMA CGM Don Carlos

The CMA CGM Don Carlos (IMO: 9305491, flag: Liberia) is a 8,204 teu capable vessel, delivered in June 2007 by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries. Her sister ship is the CMA CGM Parsifal which was SotD earlier this year. The ship is 334 meters long, almost 43 meters wide and has a deadweight tonnage of 100,800. It is currently sailing on CMA-CGM's French Asia Line (FAL) which services a line between China and Europe.

The CMA CGM Don Carlos will enter Rotterdam later this evening from Hamburg and will depart within 36 hours for Zeebrugge. Afterwards the vessel will visit Le Havre, Malta and will then set sail to China. The ship will visit Rotterdam again within two months.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Submarine Hr. Ms. Walrus
Source: Dutch Royal Navy
The submarine Hr. Ms. Walrus is one of many interesting vessels which will be entering Rotterdam today and tomorrow to visit the 'Wereldhavendagen' (World Port Days). The submarine was built in 1985 and is one of four 'Walrus'-class submarines of the Dutch Royal Navy. The Walrus has a diesel-electric propulsion. At periscopedepth the diesel engines are turned on to charged the batteries. Under water, the submarine is propelled by electric power. The submarines of this class are well known sparringpartners during NATO-exercises and they are often used in crisissituations. The submarines are also much used in the Caribbean Sea in the war against drugs.

Some statistics:

Waterdisplacement: 2.350 tons (above water), 2.650 tons (under water)
length: 68 meters
width: 8.5 meters
speed: 13 knots (above water), 20 knots (under water)
crew: 50 persons
weapons: 4 torpedotubes for Mk. 48 torpedo's or Sub-Harpoon rockets

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


CMA CGM NabuccoToday's SotD is the CMA CGM Nabucco (Port of Registry: Marseille, France, IMO: 9299630). The ship is capable of transporting about 8,488 teu and has a capacity for 700 reefers. She is 334 meters long, 43 meters wide and has a deadweight tonnage of 101,800. The vessel was built in 2006 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea and is managed and operated by CMA CGM, France. She is propelled by a 68,640 kW 12 cylinder MAN-B&W engine which gives the vessel a maximum speed of 23 knots. The Nabucco's sisters are, amongst others, CMA CGM Parsifal, CMA CGM Don Carlos, CMA CGM Tosca and CMA CGM La Traviata, all named after famous opera's.

The CMA CGM Nabucco is scheduled to enter the port of Rotterdam later this evening with destination ECT Delta terminal. The ship is sailing on the French Asia Line (FAL) between the Far East and North-Western Europe.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Adrian Maersk The Adrian Maersk (IMO: 9260457, flag: Denmark) is a Series S type vessel of the A.P. Moller group. The vessel was built in 2004 by Odense Steel Shipyard, Denmark. The Adrian Maersk is 352 meters long, almost 43 meters wide and has a deadweight of 109.000 tons. She is capable of transporting about 9,000 teu and sails on Maersk's AE-1 route (Asia-Europe-Asia).

The Adrian Maersk arrived this morning at the APM terminal, Rotterdam from Suez Canal Terminal. She will depart tomorrow heading Southampton, Hamburg and Malaga before returning to the Far East.

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