Monday, May 31, 2010


Saga Pearl IIThe Saga Pearl II (IMO: 8000214, Port of Registry: Nassau, Bahama's) is a small cruise vessel with her length of 164 meters, breadth of 23 meters and a passenger capacity of 446. The vessel has several restaurants and bars, a spa and a library. She was built in 1981 at HDW Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG, Kiel as the Astor and is currently operated by Saga Holiday Ltd, UK.

The Saga Pearl II arrived this morning at the Holland Amerikakade from Dunkirk, France. She will leave at around 18.00 hrs with destination Zeebrugge.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Queen Mary 2Today's Ship of the Day is, of course, the Queen Mary 2, one of the most magnificent ocean liners ever built. Entered service in January 2004, she combines over 165 years of tradition with modern innovations hardly dreamed of only a few years ago. The QM2 is 345 meters long, 41 meters wide and a total height from keel to funnel of almost 72 meters. Her 157,000 horsepower, environmentally friendly, gas turbine/diesel electric plant provides power to four pods of 21.5 MW each giving the vessel a maximum speed of 28.5 knots. The Queen Mary 2 has a capacity for 2,592 guests and has all kinds of public rooms such as an art gallery, ballroom, swimming pools, top boutiques and brands such as Harrods, H. Stern's, Chopard and Hermes, etc., etc., etc. all located on 13 decks.

The Queen Mary 2 entered the port of Rotterdam early this morning and is now located at the Holland Amerikakade. She is scheduled to depart at 18:00 this afternoon with destination Cherbourg. After Cherbourg the vessel will visit the port of Southampton before making the roundtrip transatlantic crossing to New York and back to Southampton.

Please find the webcam of the vessel below:

Webcam Queen Mary 2

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Pacific ReeferThe Pacific Reefer (IMO: 9179268, Port of Registry: Panama) is a refrigerated cargo vessel of 145 metres long, 22.6 metres wide, a depth of 13.3 metres and a gross tonnage of 10,991. The Pacific Reefer has a refrigerated cargo capacity of 16,996 m3 and is equipped with two cranes with a SWL of 36 tons each and two cranes with a SWL of 8 tons each. She is propelled by a 11,000 kW Kobe Diesel engine which gives the vessel an operating speed of 18.3 knots. The vessel is operated by Fukujin Kisen Co., Japan and was built in 1999 by Shin Kochijyuko Heavy Industries, Japan.

The Pacific Reefer is scheduled to arrive this evening at the Waalhaven with the last port at Hamburg.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Xin Hong KongThe Xin Hong Kong (IMO: 9314222, Port of Registry: Hong Kong) is one of the largest containervessels currently sailing with her length of 336.7 metres, width of 45.6 metres and a maximum draught of 15 metres. She can carry a maximum of 18 rows of containers by eight tiers on the weather deck and 16 rows by 10 tiers in the holds which gives the vessel a total capacity of 9,600 teu. The ship is propelled by an MAN B&W 12K98MC-C Mk6 engine, with a power of 68,520 kW. During sea trials the ship achieved a ballast service speed of 25.4 knots. The CSCL Pusan, Xin Shanghai and Xin Los Angeles are her sistervessels.

The Xin Hong Kong is scheduled to enter the port of Rotterdam from Hamburg later this evening. She will berth at the ECT terminal, Rotterdam and depart with destination Zeebrugge tomorrow on China Shipping's AEX-1 loop. She will return to Rotterdam within two months.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gemini GloryThe Gemini Glory (IMO: 9233650, Port of Registry: Panama) is a 332 meters long, 58 meters wide VLCC with a maximum cargo capacity of 339,424 tonnes, contained in 17 tanks, and a maximum draught of 22.5 meters. The vessel is propelled by a HSD-MAN B&W 7S80MC-C 27535 kW engine and is owned by Gulf Marine Management S.A., Greece. She was built in 2002 as the World Crest at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Korea.

The Gemini Glory will arrive this morning at the Vopak Terminal, Rotterdam after being in port Rotterdam already last week for discharging crude oil.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


HermodThe Hermod (IMO: 7710214, Port of Registry: Panama) is a 154 metres long, 86 metres wide, 42 metres high crane vessel capable of a tandem lift of 8,100 tons up to 39 metres in tandem. The vessel was built in 1978 and is owned by Heerema Marine Netherlands. The main hoist lifting height is 92 m above work deck. She has a gross tonnage of 73877, provides accomodation for 336 persons, has a helicopter deck which is suitable for a Sikorsky 61-N and is propelled by two electrically driven, controllable pitch propellers of 4,400 kW each aft and two electrically driven, retractable, controllable pitch thruster of 1,470 kW each forward. Power supply by seven diesel driven main generators of 2,765 kW each. The vessel has static and dynamic ballast systems both fully computer controlled. Ballast pump capacity 8,000 cubic meter/hour. Dynamic ballast water handling 500 t/sec.

The Hermod arrived this morning at the Calandkanaal, Rotterdam accompanied by the tug Ursus.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hanjin Fuzhou (ex. Cosco Asia)
Today we have the containership Hanjin Fuzhou (IMO: 9345403, Port of Registry: Panama, ex name: Cosco Asia) featuring as the Ship of the Day. The Hanjin Fuzhou is a 349 metres long, 45 metres wide ship with a maximum teu capacity of 10,000 and a deadweight tonnage of 110,000. She was christened on July 26, 2007 in South Korea and made her maiden voyage on August 9, 2007 from China to Europe. The vessel was the first of six identical ships being built for COSCO by Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard. She was chartered by Hanjin in june 2009, but is still owned by Cosco. Her sister vessels are: Cosco Europe, Hanjin Casablanca (ex. Cosco Africa), Hanjin Alexandria (ex. Cosco America), Cosco Oceania and Hanjin Bilbao (ex. Cosco Pacific). The vessel realized a high-level of automation and is very environmentally friendly. It was classed by Lloyd's Register to stringent environmental standards, reflecting COSCO's commitment to its UN Global Compact responsibilities.

The Cosco Asia arrived this morning at the at the Euromax terminal, Rotterdam with her last port of call at Hamburg.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


BW FjordThe BW Fjord (IMO: 8314471, Port of Registry: Panama) is an ore carrier built in 1987 by Ishikawajima do Brazil Estaleiros, Brasil as the Docefjord. She was renamed in 2000 to Berge Fjord and is named BW Fjord since 2007. The vessel is 332 metres long, 57 metres wide, has a maximum draught of over 23 metres and is currently operated by BW Shipping, Norway. These dimensions give the vessel a deadweight tonnage of over 310,000.

The BW Fjord arrived this morning at the EMO terminal Rotterdam carrying a load of iron ore from Tubarao, Brasil.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Stena Hollandica
Copyright: Stena Line
Today the port of Rotterdam will welcome the new superferry Stena Hollandica for the first time. The Stena Hollandica (and later this year the Stena Britannica) will be the largest Ropax vessels in the world with a length of 240 meters, width of 32 meters, a cargo capacity measuring 5,500 meters long and a passenger capacity of 1,200. The Stena Hollandica was built at Wadan Yards, Wismar, Germany with various energy saving features such as an optimised hull form and hull coating system, a common rail system for the main engine and a propulsion system fitted with a state-of-the-art route optimization system based on weather, currents, depth of water etc. Of course, the vessel has several bars, restaurants, a movie theatre and shops.

The Stena Hollandica will arrive later tonight at Hoek van Holland after finishing trials at the new ramp at the terminal in Harwich. The vessel will move to Damen Shipyards tomorrow for the last works, familiarisation of the crew and stores. On Sunday 16 may the vessel will make her maiden voyage to Harwich. The vessel will be christened on June 8th by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet.

Click here for the current position of the new Stena Hollandica

Monday, May 10, 2010


Kazimah III
The Kazimah III (IMO: 9329693, Port of Registry: Safat, Kuwait) is a Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) with a length of 333 metres, width of 60 metres, draught of 22 metres and a deadweight tonnage of 317,000. She was the first tanker of this type within the fleet renewal program of its owner Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. At present, KOTC operates about 25 vessels of which 8 VLCC's. The Kazimah III was built in 2006 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea.
Since the Egyptian government has widened and deepened the Suez Canal recently, the Kazimah III is now able to sail directly from Kuwait to Rotterdam without discharging her cargo and loading it again after passing the canal.
The Kazimah III is scheduled has entered the Port of Rotterdam last night for discharging crude oil at the TEAM Terminal Rotterdam.

Friday, May 07, 2010


TransshelfThe Transshelf (IMO: 8512279, Port of Registry: Willemstad) is a semi-submersible heavy transport carrier operated by the Dutch company Dockwise that is specialised in heavy transports. The submersible deck space of the Transshelf has a size of 40 x 132 meters. The Transshelf was build in 1987, is 173 meters long, 40 meters wide and has a standard draught of 8.8 meters when sailing and a maximum draught of 21 meters when submerged. She is propelled by two Wärtsila Vasa 18V32 engines of 6,750 kW each. Due to its submersible features the Transshelf is mainly deployed for marine transportation of drilling rigs and offshore platform components.

The Transshelf is scheduled to arrive later this morning at the Calandkanaal.

Click here for the current position of the Transshelf

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Alster NThe Alster N (IMO: 8418162, Port of Registry: Panama, Alster Ore) is a bulk carrier owned by General Ore Carrier Corporation III limited, Panama and managed by Neu Seeschiffahrt GmbH, Germany. The vessel was built in 1988 by China Shipbuilding Corporation, Taiwan. Her sister vessel is the Ruhr N. Other bulk carriers managed by Neu Seeschiffahrt are: Faith N, Eva N, Amy N and Alfred N. The Alster N is 340 metres long, 57 metres wide and has a maximum draught of 22 metres. All these dimensions ensure a deadweight tonnage of 305,893.

The Alster N entered the Port of Rotterdam last night with the last port of call at Tubarao, Brasil. She is currently berthed at the EECV terminal discharging iron ore.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Hoegh Berlin
The Hoegh Berlin (IMO: 9295842, Port of Registry: Nassau, Bahamas) is a 228 meters long, 32 meters wide car/truck carrier with a fully-loaded capacity of 6,100 cars, secured on 12 decks with a total deck area equal to that of nine football fields. Cars are loaded through the side- and stern-mounted ramps that allows for a variety of wheeled cargo to be driven aboard. The vessel was built in 2005 by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in South Korea under contract to Höegh Autoliners as the fifth vessel in the series of nine newbuildings.

The Hoegh Berlin arrived this morning at the Rotterdam Car Terminal from Barcelona.

Click here for the current position of the Hoegh Berlin

Monday, May 03, 2010


CMA CGM NormaThe CMA CGM Norma (IMO: 9299812, Port of Registry: Marseille) is an in 2006, by Hyundai Heavy Industries built, Post-Panamax container vessel, capable of transporting 9415 teu. She is 350 metres long, almost 43 metres wide, has a maximum draught of about 14.5 metres and a deadweight tonnage of 107,200. The CMA CGM Norma was the first of eight super mega container vessels deployed in the new European (FAL2) service jointly operated by CMA CGM and China Shipping. Her sisters are the CMA CGM Rigoletto, CMA CGM Medea and CMA CGM Fidelio.

The CMA CGM Norma is scheduled to arrive later tonight at the ECT Delta Terminal, Rotterdam with the last port of call at Le Havre. She is scheduled to depart within 36 hours.

Click here for the current position of the Cma Cgm Norma

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Queen Victoria (source: Wikipedia)Today we have a cruise vessel of the Cunard Line entering the Port of Rotterdam, namely the three year old Queen Victoria (IMO: 9320556, Port of Registry: Southampton). The Queen Victoria is 294 metres long, 36 metres wide, 54 metres high and has a gross tonnage of 90,049. She provides accomodation to a maximum of 2,000 guests in 990 staterooms which are located on 12 decks. Nice to mention is that 86% of the rooms are outside and 71% of the rooms have balconies. Of course, she is equipped with several lounges, bars and restaurants. Next to this, she is also equipped with a shopping mall, a winter garden, a grand, stylish West-End-style theatre, a conference center, fitness center, sports deck etc., etc. She was built in 2007 by Fincantieri Shipyards, Italy.

The Queen Victoria has entered the port of Rotterdam this morning and is currently berthed at the Holland Amerikakade.

Click here for the current position of the Queen Victoria

Please find the webcam of the vessel below:
Queen Victoria Webcam

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