Thursday, September 04, 2008


Submarine Hr. Ms. Walrus
Source: Dutch Royal Navy
The submarine Hr. Ms. Walrus is one of many interesting vessels which will be entering Rotterdam today and tomorrow to visit the 'Wereldhavendagen' (World Port Days). The submarine was built in 1985 and is one of four 'Walrus'-class submarines of the Dutch Royal Navy. The Walrus has a diesel-electric propulsion. At periscopedepth the diesel engines are turned on to charged the batteries. Under water, the submarine is propelled by electric power. The submarines of this class are well known sparringpartners during NATO-exercises and they are often used in crisissituations. The submarines are also much used in the Caribbean Sea in the war against drugs.

Some statistics:

Waterdisplacement: 2.350 tons (above water), 2.650 tons (under water)
length: 68 meters
width: 8.5 meters
speed: 13 knots (above water), 20 knots (under water)
crew: 50 persons
weapons: 4 torpedotubes for Mk. 48 torpedo's or Sub-Harpoon rockets

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