Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Jork RangerToday another special edition of the Ship of the Day. This morning containership Jork Ranger (IMO: 9322542, Port of Registry: Limassol, Cyprus), with destination Rotterdam, came into collision with the tanker Mindoro (IMO: 9389095, Port of Registry: Piraeus, Greece), with destination Scheveningen Anchorage. The Mindoro suffered a breach on her portside of 6 by 5 meters at the waterline. The ship is leaking her cargo of jet fuel. Since jet fuel vaporises very quickly there will most probably be no large pollution. There are no casualties on both vessels. Mindoro
Vessel Jork Ranger is able to continue to Rotterdam where she will most probably enter later this morning.

Click here for the current position of the Mindoro

Click here for the current position of the Jork Ranger

Below the damage on the bow of the Jork Ranger:
Damage Jork Ranger

Website VT Explorer shows a detailed log of the AIS positions: Click here!

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