Friday, October 27, 2006


Polar QueenThe Polar Queen (IMO: 9230414, Port of Registry: Bergen, Norway)is one of the most advanced flexlay and subsea construction ships available. She is owned and operated by Rieber Shipping ASA, Norway. The vessel is equipped with a 300 mt offshore crane, a deck suitable for a EH101 helicopter, has 2 work class ROVs installed, 2 x 1600 mt carousels with heavy duty spooling system below work deck, has a layspeed of up to 1000 m/hr and can provide accomodation to a maximum of 117 persons. The latest news about the Polar Queen is that Stolt Offshore entered into an agreement with Rieber Shipping to charter the the ship for a firm period of 6 years, plus one 3 year option thereafter. The Polar Queen will be modified to make her suit Stolt's operational requirements. Capabilities will include flexlay installation and subsea structure installation in water depths of 2000 m and beyond. It is 146 metres long, 27 metres wide and has a clear working deck of 1660 m2.

The Polar Queen is scheduled to arrive this evening at Damen Shipyards, Schiedam, where it ill be refit as mentioned before.

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