Monday, October 16, 2006


The three-masted topsail schooner 'Oosterschelde' (IMO: 5347221, Port of Registry: Rotterdam) is the last remaining representative of the large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of the 20th century. As the largest restored Dutch sailing ship the 'Oosterschelde' is a monument for Dutch shipbuilding and maritime navigation under sail. The vessel was built in the Netherlands in 1918 at the order of the Rotterdam shipping company H.A.A.S. As a freighter the ship could carry some hundred tons of cargo. The vessel was restored between 1990 and 1992 and since then it has made a voyage around the world and several other long voyages. Next to these voyages the vessel is also available for chartering.
Photo by: Pieter Nijdeken
The vessel is 50 metres long, 7.5 meters wide and has a mast heigth from the keel of 36 metres. The Oosterschelde has a sail area of 891 square metres and is also equipped with a 6 cylinder Deutz, 360 pk engine. The Oosterschelde has a maximum capacity of 120 passengers for daytrips (at sea: 36) and 24 on longer voyages. The accomodation exists of 8 two-person cabins and 2 four-person cabins. One board are 5 toilets and two showers.

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