Wednesday, December 31, 2008


TransporterThe last ship of this year is the Transporter (IMO: 8918930, Ex. Name: Front Sunda, Port of Registry: Willemstad, Dutch Antilles), a heavy lift vessel which is the first of a series of 6 vessels to be converted from single hull tankers into heavy lift vessels. The heavy transport vessel is designed to transport high-value and complex cargoes and has a cargo carrying capacity in excess of 35.000 tonnes. With an unobstructed deck area of 44.5 x 130 meter, the vessel is well suited to carry semi-submersible and jack-up drilling units as well as offshore structures (source: Dockwise). She is 217 meters long, 45 meters wide, has a maximum draught of 23 meters when submerged and a deadweight of over 54,000 tons. The vessel is propelled by one SPLIT MAN B&W 6S 70MC engine delivering 13,365 kW.
Noble Hans Deul
The Transporter will arrive this morning at the Calandkanaal, Rotterdam Europoort carrying the new-built drilling rig Noble Hans Deul which was built this year at Dalian Shipyard, China. She will be operating in the North Sea for Shell soon.

Looking back at this year we have seen a lot of great ships in the port of Rotterdam. Let me recall a few remarkable ships in Rotterdam this year:
  • the Zhen Hua 10, which stranded for about 4 days on the beach at Rotterdam
  • the Queen Elizabeth II on her last voyage before turned into a floating hotel at Dubai
  • and of course the SS Rotterdam which has returned to her hometown after a lifetime all around the globe.

I'd like to thank all the shipping enthousiastics for reading my posts and wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2009! I will do my best to serve you as well as possible in the next year.

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