Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hr. Ms. Harlingen (M854)The Hr.Ms. Harlingen (M854) is a former Dutch minehunter built by Van der Giessen-de Noord in 1983. She is 51 metres long and 9 metres wide, has a maximum speed of 15 kts and a maximum range of 3,500 miles at 10 kts. The M854 is armed by one GIAT 20F-2 20mm gun, has a Thales DUBM 21B, hull mounted sonar. The most remarkable feature of the minehunters of the Alkmaar-class, to which the Harlingen belongs, is the lack of steel. The hull is made of polyester and the further contruction of the ship is made of aluminium. This because many seamines react to disturbances in the magnetic field. The vessel was decommisionned in 2003 and sold to Latvia.

The Hr.Ms. Harlingen has entered the Port of Rotterdam this morning.

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