Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The Mellum (IMO: 8301981) is a multipurpose vessel capable of oil recovery and chemical recovery. Further it is an emergency tug and an ice breaker. It is equipped with:
  • 2 Sweeping arms with 320 m3/h each for oils with max viscositiy of 12,000 cSt to 15,000 cSt
  • One crane, max 120 kN, max 15 m,
  • Special separation plant for oils with max viscosity of 12 000 cSt to 15 000 cSt
  • Gase / chemicals detection and protection systems
  • Fire fighting systems
  • First aid room (no doctor on board !)
  • 2/4 high sea fenders for lightering / cargo transfer operations on board (ship’s equipment)
  • 910 m3 tank space

The vessel is 80 meters long, 15 meters wide, was built in 1984 and is crewed by a minimum of 16 persons. It is owned by the German 'Bundesministerium für Verkehr-, Bau und Stadtentwicklung' (Ministry of Transport) and is based in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

The Mellum entered Rotterdam this morning for a visit at the Parkhaven, Rotterdam.

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