Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Calamity JaneThe Calamity Jane is a versatile vessel optimised for pipeline trenching, the flooding, gauging and testing (FGT) of pipelines, offshore lifts and installation of subsea structures, survey activities and other operations in support of Allseas’ pipelaying vessels. In addition to supporting the Allseas fleet, Calamity Jane can operate as an independent trenching unit. For this purpose, she is equipped with Allseas’ mechanical trencher Digging Donald, which is fully remote controlled from the Calamity Jane and has a maximum depth of 350 meters. In addition to this other support services on dynamic positioning can be performed by the Calamity Jane, such as pipeline crossing preparation and mattress installation in deep water, all diverless.
The vessel is 151 meters long, 20 meters wide and can accomodate 72 persons. She is equipped with one fixed lifting frame for lifting up to a maximum of 200 tons and a general purpose crane for lifting up to 55 tons. The Calamity Jane is owned by the Swiss-based Allseas Group S.A. which is one of the major offshore pipelay and subsea construction companies in the world, operating specialised vessels - which were designed in-house.

The Calamity Jane is scheduled to enter the Port of Rotterdam this morning and will berth at the Broekman Waalhaven terminal.

Click here for the current position of the Calamity Jane

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