Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today's SotD post regards a special occasion near the Port of Rotterdam. Last night the vessels MSC Nikita (IMO: 7820942, Port of Registry: Panama), bound for Antwerp and Nirint Pride (IMO: 9214575, Port of Registry: Douglas, Isle of Man) collided into each other at the intersection point of the shipping lane outward from Rotterdam and the shipping lane for southbound traffic, also called the 'roundabout'. The MSC Nikita suffered heavy damage near the engine room where a large breach in the hull was found. On the Nirint Pride a fire broke out. After extinquishing the fire, the Nirint Pride was able to return to the port of Rotterdam on her own power where she is currently located at Moerdijk. On crew member of the Nirint Pride had to be taken to a hospital with breathing problems. On board the MSC Nikita were no casualties. All crewmembers have been evacuated from the ship and she has been towed to a safe area where the vessel will not cause problems for vessel traffic. At the collision three containers were lost in sea.MSC Nikita
Copyright: Christian Krajewski

Nirint Pride
Copyright: Hannes van Rijn

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