Friday, June 12, 2009


LibertadThe Libertad (Port of Registry: Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a tall ship which serves as a training vessel in the Argentine Navy. She was built in the 1950s at the Rio Santiago shipyards near Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1966 while crossing the Atlantic, she used all 28,500 square feet of her sails to set a new record of eight days and twelve hours. The Libertad is over 103 meters long, 14 meters wide, has three masts with a total sail area of 2,652 square metres and has a maximum complement of 24 officers, 187 crewmen, more than 150 cadets. The vessel has a maximum air draught of 56 metres. She is also equipped with four 47 mm cannons, 1891 model, which were transferred from the previous School Ship, Presidente Sarmiento, used as a salute battery. The vessel is frequently stopping in foreign ports and participating in worldwide gatherings of sailing ships.

The Libertad will arrive later this afternoon at Rotterdam after a stay at Amsterdam. She will take berth at the ECT Delta Terminal before sailing towards Dublin.

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